Baptism & Confirmation


Baptism & Confirmation at St Andrews

We always think it's great when you want someone in your family to be baptised, or if someone wishes to confirm their baptismal vows or even renew their faith.

It's a way of saying that you want Christian faith to be an important part of that
 person's life and that you wish to be known as followers of Jesus.

Jesus gave us baptism and confirmation as a special way of showing that we want to follow Him and we at St Andrew's want to take this step very seriously. if you don't already attend church then we ask you to come along and join us for a month of Sundays before we discuss dates, that way you will get a chance to see what church is about before deciding to take the step of commitment that baptism is. After you've been with us for these Sundays we will discuss dates and get you ready for the big day.

Our policy on the confirmation of children is that they must be 11 years or older, and the decision to be confirmed MUST be theirs and not their parents/guardians (although we would hope you'll be supportive).

To read more about baptism and confirmation please follow this link by clicking your mouse on it:

Please contact Rev Furgus Pearson for more details.

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